We Have Merged!

Crossover Communications International (Crossover) is excited to announce the merger of Turkish World Outreach (TWO) into the Crossover family. We believe our combined ministry will be at the forefront of reaching Turkic people for Christ.

"I believe this new merger will result in thousands of Turkish people coming to Christ and hundreds of churches planted for His glory."

Bill Jones
Founder, Crossover and
President, Columbia International University

“I’m delighted that TWO and Crossover have joined forces. Growing numbers of converts have no local Christian fellowships with which to identify. In view of this, church planting must be a priority and that is Crossover’s specialty. We need their expertise and rejoice in this new and exciting partnership.”

Steve Hagerman
Founder, TWO

“Our entire team is excited to bring the experience and capabilities of TWO into Crossover. The Turkish world has been in our hearts since we sent our first family to Turkey in 2000. We truly believe we can proclaim God’s fame among the Turkic people more efficiently with this merger.”

Ken Katayama
President, Crossover

“God has fused TWO’s 43 years of committed outreach to Turks with Crossover’s 25 years of successful church multiplication among the unreached to make for Himself a powerful team to spread His glory throughout the Turkish world.

Shawn Gardner
Executive Director, TWO

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